PSK 104 - Social Anthropology

PSK104 - Social AnthropologyPhotoCredit: Temple University

Section 1 ➙ Tuesday 10.00-11.50 | G-408, Thursday 13.00-13.50 | G-408
Section 2 ➙ Tuesday 15.00-16.50 | G-412, Thursday 13.00-13.50 | G-408


Anthropology, a uniquely comparative and holistic science, confronts and ponders major questions of human existence as it explores human biological and cultural diversity in time and space.


The main aim of the course is to discover and learn the basic subjects of the science of anthropology. Course is designed to emphasize the relationship between anthropology and psychology sciences. In addition, anthropological variables which may provide information about the understanding and analysis of behavior are discussed.

At the end of this course students are able to;
- Understand the basics of Anthropology and the relationship between Psychological studies and Anthropology.
- Learn the different methods to analyze the effect of culture on human behavior and present solutions to problems related to this issue.
- Learn about the way gender roles, family and marriage relations, and religious rituals develop in different cultures and present scientific hypotheses for new scientific research related to these issues.
- Analyze the current cultural problems in the light of anthropological inquiry.
- Develop skills to analyze the contribution of anthropological studies to psychological science and present suggestions on how they might be able to help to understand the classical psychological issues.


Plagiarism and cheating are serious offenses and may be punished by failure on an exam, paper, or projects; failure in the course; and/or expulsion from the university.

PSK 104


    01 - Introduction to Anthropology
    02 - What is Anthropology?
    03 - Culture

Grades & GPA Table for Section 1
Grades & GPA Table for Section 2