PSK 231 - Social Psychology I (Sosyal Psikoloji I)


Section 1 | Wednesday 09.00-10.50 (G-412), Thursday 09.00-09.50 (G-408)
Section 2 | Wednesday 12.00-13.50 (G-404), Thursday 09.00-09.50 (G-408)


Social psychology is defined as the scientific discipline that attempts to understand and explain how the thought, feeling, and behavior or individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others (Gordon Alport). Social psychology is studied in both psychology and sociology (emphasis on person and society, respectively).

Social psychology should be differentiated from other “social” areas in that the former uses experimental methodology more often. The major aim of the social psychology is to find experimentally gathered evidences (cause - effect relationships) about human behavior in their social environment. If social psychologists are interested in the motion picture Grease (1978) they would examine the perception of Sandra by Danny and his followers, they also try to understand and measure the affect, behavior and cognition of the relationship and the environment in which the love takes place.

At the end of this course students are able to;
- Learn the fundamental concepts and theories of social psychology which attempts to understand and explain how individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined or implied presence of others.
- Learn the basic approaches and researches in social psychology.
- Have knowledge about the topics of social relations and applied social psychology which constitute the general frame of the course.
- Learn about the way how they can develop a research question of social psychology and determine the proper research method for the question.

Social psychology is not an arm‐chaired science; that is social psychologists do not just theorizing about the things surround them. Rather they make systematic analyses of the questions under investigation. Finally, social psychology is a very different and challenging course. It is about you, by “you” I mean “real you”.

Hope to enjoy your journey... ☺