PSK 431 - Psychology of Terror and Terrorism

Tuesday 13.00-14.50, Thursday 11.00-11.50 | FEF G-404


Terrorism has a global importance and been an indispensable agenda for almost all countries because of their multifarious damages (e.g., psychological, economical, environmental, political, and so on). The aim of this course is to provide information about psychology of terror and terrorism. In the course, students are informed of the historical progress of and classification of terrorism, the views of various scientific disciplines, and types of terrorism by different means (e.g., biological, nuclear, chemical) and purposes (e.g., ethnic, ideological, religious). Another important aim of the course is to present the psychological approaches which help to explain the causes of terrorism to the students. In this respect, the course also contains the topics of social identity theory, terror management theory, frustration-aggression hypothesis, and evolutionary psychology approach. At the end of the course, students are also able to have psychological knowledge to produce solutions for overcoming terrorism.


Readings will draw on laboratory and field studies of terror and terrorism. As usual, the course will be conducted via discussions; therefore it is important that you come to class having read the assigned chapters and articles in order to be able to participate in discussions (i.e., preparing notes and generating discussion issues).

Please read course syllabus for performance evaluation techniques, reading list and other details.






PSK 431

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   01 - Introducing Psychology of Terrorism
   02 - Evolution and Psychology of Evil
   03 - (Pre)History of Terrorism

   04 - Evolution of Modern Terrorism
   05 - Political Violence and Terrorism
06 - Understanding and Studying Terrorism
   07 - Radicalization
   08 - Social & Cognitive Factors of Terrorism
   09 - Social Identity, Ideology & Religion

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Guest List
   - Assoc. Prof. Ezgi Aygün Eşitli
   Başkent University,
   Faculty of Law
   (October 24, 2019)
   "Ceza Hukukunda

   Örgütlü Suçluluk ve Terörizm"

   - Assoc. Prof. Banu Yılmaz
   Turkish Psychological Association,
   Division of Trauma, Disaster and Crisis
   (November 7, 2019)

   "Politik Şiddet Temelli Travma"

   - Gend. Col. Engin Avcı, PhD
   Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy,
   Security Sciences Institute
   (November 21, 2019)
   "Türkiye'de Terörizm ve Terörizmle Mücadele"

   - Assoc. Prof. Gökhan İbrahim Öğünç
   Forensic Ballistics Expert
   Gendarmerie and Coast Guard Academy,
   Security Sciences Institute
   (December 5, 2019)